Chemico Chemicals Private Limited

Chemico Chemicals Private Limited

Chemico Chemicals Private Limited

Sahibabad Industrial Area, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh


Antimony Trioxide

The house of Chemico chemicals private limited comes with the promise of many variants various chemicals that find utility in the operations and applications under various segments. Our output has been quality composed with great emphasis on the precision of the composition and the various levels of characteristics that have found home in our output. We sell at various affordable prices and other friendly schemes.


Our product range includes Antimony Trioxide (Sb2O3 High Tint Wetted With DOP 3 percent, Sb2O3 - 4 DIDP, Wetted With 4 Percent DIDP, High Tint Wetted With 4 Percent DOP, High Tint Wetted With DIDP 3 Percent, High Tint Wetted With DIDP 3 Percent, Sb2O3 Coated With 4 Percentage MEG, Catalytic Grade Coated With 3 Percent MEG), Antimony Trisulphide (Black Powder Sb 70 percent Min and Black Powder Sb 65 Percent Min).

Catalytic Antimony Trioxide

Zinc Hydroxy Stannate

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Zinc Hydroxy Stannate

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Zinc Stannate

Antimony Trioxide High Tint

Antimony Trioxide Wetted With DIDP

Antimony Trioxide Coated With 3% MEG

Antimony Trioxide Wetted With DOP

Antimony Trioxide Fibre Grade

Antimony Trioxide DIDP

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Antimony Trioxide

Antimony Sulphide

Potassium Pyro Antimonate Powder

Molybdenum Trioxide